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Babies as peacemakers

April 6, 2017

Babies are peacemakers. It is impossible to be angry at someone or something when holding one in your arms or one is in your vicinity. You learn that most of the annoyances you experience in life can be re-framed and aren’t worth becoming upset over. You accept that joy and flexibility will take you and your child further in life, at the very least, bring happiness and satisfaction to your day, so there is no point in disappointment or expectations that might set you up for discouragement.

This is not to say that babies help us tolerate injustice in the world or violence. If anything, little ones help us stand up for what is right and spread kindness, gentleness and humility in the world. Often, people light up when they see me wearing my newborn, and I am often taken aback by this, as I am not used to this sort of attention. I have become used to it now, and I respond with a smile and gratitude because I feel appreciated when people acknowledge motherhood as a gift, not a burden or unnoticeable vocation.

During my pregnancy, I wrote a song called “Peaceful Tune.”  It expresses my insistence in not starting fires, but going with the flow of emotions and stepping back so we don’t get swept up in them without clarifying their purpose and intention.

I don’t feel like raising hell today/Life’s too short to play that way/I’d rather make a peaceful tune/sitting here in the warmth of noon//

I used to be the kind that cussed and fights/now I rest in your delights/no point in squandering all our love/our differences that make us strong//

so let us join our hands this day/guiding each other as we laugh and play/you be black and I’ll be white/our colors dancing in rays of light/ I’ll be soft and you be firm/earth and roots in fullest bloom//

‘cuz I don’t feel like raising hell today/Life’s too short to play that way


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