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The One-Handed Sorceress

April 29, 2017

She always wondered what it would be like to cast spells with both  hands, but was learning quickly in spite of her handicap. First, magic doesn’t require too much when you work from home. A good story can lure somebody into its pages, a little incense can arouse the senses, too. Not the copal, though. Then you need one hand free to light the charcoal under the sweet and spicy nugget, another to place the fan in the window so you don’t set off the smoke detector. The neighbors don’t respond as graciously to the smoke, either; “Do you smell something?” “It smells burnt out here!” Stick to nag champa. That makes everybody want to listen to Bob Marley and get high, and for some, conjures up lost activist days at the basement bookstore on Broadway.

A solid conjure is crucial if you’re to attract a willing audience for your magic show. Blogs are difficult to manage unless you happen to be ambidextrous, and with all of the sites popping up like rabbits out of hats, better to work in ordinary reality. Wear colorful scarves around your shoulders. Linger longer than normal in public parks. Sing songs nobody can remember in a singsong voice while squeezing the tops of avocados. Smile at everyone, even grumpy people. This will build your credibility as a miracle worker, as well as increase your confidence as a one-handed wonder.

Remember: laughter is a powerful healer. You should laugh at everything, especially in the face of danger. Laugh at unpaid bills, the angry father of your child, the hurtful words that try and stick to your ribs and make you fat with sorrow and doubt. Laugh at the passing trials such as these, which repeat themselves like public broadcast programming, or the five versions of Star Trek. Get to know the pattern, but don’t let it determine your next trick or escape route. Keep practicing the cool, long walk of detachment, laughing at everything as it comes and goes like a tidal wave before your eyes.

Sleep with the lights on, but only enough light to see his moon white skin, his pink ears and wide hind paws jabbing you where they pulled him out of your body like a rabbit from a hat. This smiling crescent will wink at you from the mirror forever, but this child will disappear even as he grows like a sunflower before your eyes. Sleep with light coming in from the blinds so you can watch him unfurl as a bean stalk soaring through the sleepless lights.



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