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About Bedtime Stories

By 9 p.m., you fall into bed exhausted, the darkness enveloping you in its velveteen body. Your to-do list ricochets in your head like a pinball machine, dodging the fear that he will wake up alone in the crib crying and once again, you will fall asleep belly-to-belly.

If only the dream time could be an active time where you can fly around like an owl, silently chasing away the dust bunnies, hunting down the minutes that could have been devoted to writing or a manicure or simply reading a good book.

It’s 9:30 by this point, and you still can’t sleep. You need a bedtime story, but you wouldn’t dare turn on the lamp and wake your treasure, no matter how much he brightens your life. You wouldn’t check your e-mail because then you will dream about spam or that newsletter you should read, but don’t. You need a nightcap, but you wouldn’t dare drink, either.

Mama, you need a bedtime story, and not one of those board books your son would rather gnaw on than contemplate seriously.  You need a good story to lull your tired bones, so you come to this blog and read a story and you feel a little lighter now that you have found a simple tale to ease your mind.

If you can’t sleep, read this blog. If you feel overwhelmed by motherhood, read this blog. If you simply want a refreshing story, come here, and peruse my collection of stories and poems.

Nightcap not included. =)




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